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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Carys Harvey Carys Harvey
1st Time Pass
The LD system definitely worked for me. I like to do things when I feel I'm able, but I also like to push myself. My instructor didn't hold me back when I was pushing myself, and helped me understand all areas. The supporting book and website were also very beneficial. Thanks LDC!

George Clark George Clark
1st Time Pass
Chris was excellent with talking me through high pressure situations. The environment in the car was relaxed, which I feel is a key aspect to have when learning to drive safely. In addition to this, the LDC workbook helped me understand the logistics of the road, which played a major role in me passing the test.

Matt PhillipsMatt Phillips
Very Happy Pass
I can't thank Chris enough, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have passed. Everything was done in a professional manner. Made me feel confident, unlike my other instructors over the years. Would definitely recommend!!!

Louise Latham Louise Latham
1st Time Pass
I came to Chris after 2 previous driving instructors and I cannot recommend Chris enough! He believed in me, and gave me the confidence to drive more effectively. I struggled with parking, and he was so patient, and spent as long as i wanted on it. I cannot recommend Chris enough, if like me, you lack confidence and needed that extra boost of support.

Laurence Haynes Laurence Haynes
First time pass
My experience with Chris and LDC was what I needed to pass first time. Chris's patient and calm attitude to teaching really helped me to understand the driving process, combined with his light hearted banter, really put me at ease when first learning as I was kinda nervous. Felt that tips from both Chris and the book were crucial to my pass. Overall a fantastic learning experience 50/50

Aimee Radford Aimee Radford
First Time Pass
He is so calm, and helped me with my nerves. I passed first time thanks to Chris. 100% recommend! I came from a different instructor, but I wish I had started with Chris. His methods of teaching really helped me. Thank you!

Casey Hancock Casey Hancock
Passed driving test
Chris has been very encouraging and motivating during my driving lessons. He was available and accommodating with lesson times around my job. The LD system was helpful to prepare for my lessons. Would recommend.

Nick PriceNick Price
First time pass
Chris has given me lots of confidence, and has always been calm and helpful when i've had any problems. He has always been on time and has made learning to drive an enjoyable experience. The LDC system has allowed me to reflect on my driving and help plan lessons with Chris. The website is particularly useful, especially for the theory test, and I have used it throughout. Thanks very much Chris!

Becca LambBecca Lamb
Chris was brilliant at making me at ease from the first home visit explaining the LD system. I came into this with some experience driving my own car on L plates, but needed to get test ready and work on my manoeuvres. The LDC online system and workbook helped me build my confidence outside of the car, but the actual driving confidence came from Chris. Always smiling and calm, and ready to have a chat. Would recommend to anyone who is at the beginning of their learning to drive journey, or like me, needing to get test ready and pass their test...….Thank you!