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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Alamgir Hossain Alamgir Hossain
Honestly speaking I started driving 2 years ago, I changed instructors many times, however Chris is the best one I've seen in my life, very professional and excellent manners. He maintained good timing and overall a good person.

Danny MillerDanny Miller
I thought Chris was spot on, his relaxed methods helped me to remain calm. I think the LDC way is the way everyone learning to drive should be taught. All the LD system videos and materials were a great help. Chris helped me remain calm on test day.

Faiqa Iqbal Faiqa Iqbal
Chris is a lovely human being I must say. I have been taking my lessons with him and he is calm at all times even when I've made mistakes, I've learned a lot from him. He was always on time and showed dedication. Chris taught me many things and how to stay safe on the road. Thank you Chris.

Uzondu Owoh Uzondu Owoh
I passed first time
I was looking for a reliable, trusted driving instructor and despite some friends' recommendations I decided to go with Chris. I had a look at the LDC website and checked on their driving instructors who lived close to me, I had two options and I chose the first one which happened to be Chris. As soon as I sent Chris an email, he replied and called me quite promptly. Ever since starting my course of lessons, Chris has been detailed, spoke with clarity, patient and taught me through all along. He's approachable, competent and punctual in his dealings. I am 100% happy to have worked with him, and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who want to make sure they pass their practical test at the first instance. Thank you Chris!

Callum Peterkin Callum Peterkin
First time pass
Chris was very helpful and understanding through all the lessons and when I made a mistake he helped to to learn from them. The workbook was very useful and helped visualise things. The online resources for the theory test contributed to helping me pass first time.

Sydni Dowler Sydni Dowler
Best instructor I've had
I've had 3 other instructors before I came to Chris, he has been the best out of them all. Chris has been really encouraging and supportive. He has made me feel so much more confident with my driving and helped me to pass my test with only 2 minors. I could not fault his teaching methods at all and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Michelle CapperMichelle Capper
Highly recommend
Following taking an intensive course with another driving school, I found Chris to have a different approach to teaching. I found the methods Chris used to be much simpler to understand and learn, he had a much more relaxed approach than I had previously experienced. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone.

Lily Allen Lily Allen
I passed with Chris
Chris was extremely patient and makes you feel safe when you are in control of the car. The LDC system is very beneficial and teaches you how to drive by giving visual aids which I found very beneficial and helped me to become a confident driver. I also found that Chris encourages you to answer your own questions and think how to fix any errors and therefore encouraging you to correct your mistakes accurately.

Jack AlbonJack Albon
Passed my driving test
I'm glad I have now passed my driving test with the help of Chris, after having to go through two other driving instructors. Chris helped build confidence and worked to rectify what needed changing.

Jessica Hynd Jessica Hynd
First time pass
I am extremely happy to have passed my driving test first time - all thanks to Chris. He is very calm and collected making it a much more pleasant environment to learn in. He has bent over backwards to get me ready for the test in the past few months and I am extremely happy with the results. I will be back in the next few weeks for additional motorway driver training. The online resources and driving skills workbook were extremely helpful, especially the online theory test preparation which allowed me to pass my theory test also first time.

Billie Osborne Billie Osborne
Thrilled to bits :)
I am really pleased with how everything went, I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. The DVD and LDC Driving Skills workbook really helped too. I'd recommend Chris to anyone.

Anthony Farmer Anthony Farmer
Extremely happy to have passed
Chris was a great driving instructor, very patient and calming whilst also very thorough. Great guy, I would definitely recommend him. Thank you so much Chris.

Leanne GilesLeanne Giles
First time pass
Thanks to Chris I was able to pass first time! He's very professional, kind and has a lot of patience. I booked an intensive one week course of 30 hours and it was good fun! I would highly recommend if you are totally new to driving as Chris doesn't rush you, he breaks everything down into stages for you until you feel comfortable. If you're looking to pass you should definitely do the intensive as it's good value for money! The LDC workbook and DVD were amazing and all included in the price. Thanks Chris for always being polite and patient. I will always remember 'Good driver on a bad day' (even though there were a lot of those). Chris is the best.